Qurbani : A Celebration of Cruelty

Posted: November 18, 2010 in Animal Cruelty, Islam
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The muslims of the world has just celebrated one of their biggest religious festival the ‘Eid Ul-Adha’ or popularly known as the Eid of Qurbani. Though it is respected by the muslims of the world, but in reality Qurbani is a barbaric ritual performed by about 1.57 Billion muslims around the world.

A Goat getting Slaughtered


Islam as a religion puts the barbaric killing of other inferior animals and sometimes people of other religion to high esteem. To glorify the killing even more it is specifically mentioned in the religion that, the animal must be killed in such a manner where the blood must come out and the animal need to die slowly.

Mercilessly Slaughtered Cow

Research has been showed that, some millions of cattle mainly Cow, Goat, Dumba and Camel gets killed by this barbaric religious celebration. Qurbani is only one of the few rituals left in the modern world which originally includes mass killing of animals. The other infamous one is the killing of whales and dolphins in Denmark.

  1. fiazu says:

    u r creating differences among people. Dont u think trees also have life and why do u eat fruits. Why do u milk animals which is meant for its children.. Why u kill millions of silkworms to make a saree? why do u kill the millions of off springs of honey bees for the theft of honey? fish, animals are created for the proper use as food. ur great great grandfather only ate meat of animals

    My dear sir, all creations are for human beings only.

  2. BriX212 says:

    yea, but you don’t have to slaughter them in cruel and inhumane ways. Also, plants and fruits don’t have brains or nerves, so they can’t interpret pain. The only reason they are living is because their cells reproduce.

    And to say that all “creations” are for human beings only is really ignorant. Human beings are merely animals and equally part of the global ecosystem. I personally think Islam has a lot of good merits, but this practice is simply barbaric, archaic, and unnecessary.

  3. BriX212 says:

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” ~Gandhi

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