Suicidal Attack in Pakistan Again!!

Posted: November 6, 2010 in Islam, Terrorism
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Reports been published that, Pakistan faced yet another suicidal bomb attack, when two bomb exploded in two different mosques of northwestern Pakistani city of Peshwar.

According to the reporters about 76 people died altogether. The bombs were exploded just after the Jumma and Magreb prayer respectively.

One interesting fact about these two attacks is that, both the mosque attacked was SHIA mosque. General sunni muslims are against this sect of Islam and in september they had conducted another attack on the Shia mosques which took about 54 innocent life. Before that the extremist islamist of Pakistan attacked an Ahmedia Mosque too.

The terrorism conducted by the Islamic people are now so wide speard that, they are not happy with the ‘infedel’ issue only, now they are tearing apart their own Muslim “brothers”.

  1. dinopak says:

    Sad story. Though this ‘jihad’ is propagated by our own MULLAHS and people blindly follow them. Islamic state, Shariah law and other chants coming out of the mouths of these hatred spewing maulvis.

    Read this and see their true faces

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