Burn Dating Spots and Boats of Poor People in the Name of ‘ALLAH’

Posted: October 17, 2010 in Bangladesh, Islam, Terrorism
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Last Saturday a group of Imams and Muazzins burned down three sailed boats and six parked one in the Ashulia, Bangladesh.

Ashulia has been a common dating spot in the Islamic Nation of Bangladesh. As, in a Islamic Nation even holding hand is a form of Sin, free mixing before marriage is not really appreciated. Young lovers use to go to Ashulia to spend some time together.

The Mullas believing all these are sinful acts, attacked the Turag river near Ashulia all on a sudden and took vengeance on the boats of the poor boatmen, not thinking about the fact that, Bangladesh is a country where per capita GDP is $587 only. Apart from the danger and harm those lovers faced, at least 9 families future is now on stake as there only asset the boats are now gone.

The leader of the arson group Mr. Obaydul Talukdar has confessed that, he with 30-35 mullahs did this for the betterment of the country and Islam. No cases has been filed and nobody has been arrested on the issue so far, even though the police and administration knows about the heinous crime.



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