Bangladeshi Blogging Site Violating Personal Information Disclosure Rules

Posted: October 17, 2010 in Atheism, Bangladesh
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Reports has been received that, one of the most popular Bangladeshi Community Blogging sites ‘‘ is seriously violating the rules regarding disclosure of personal information.

It all broke out when, Arifur Rahman, a self-proclaimed atheist, spoke against the attack carried out by the Muslim Extremists of the country for burning down several boats in a popular dating place. In Bangladesh, where, atheism and agnosticism is generally loathed, it was quite anticipated that hate speech may come against Mr. Arif as he just opposed an idea to burn down the Boats of poor boatmen in the name of ‘Allah’.

But this time they had a new ploy, the extremist Islamist bloggers began to publish posts attacking Arif personally and providing his personal information including pictures for the general people. Though a number of people spoke against this tactics of the extremists and complained to the moderation (Somewhereinblog is known as the first fully moderated blog in Bangladesh) but all this complains only resulted in Mr. Arifur and the others complained getting banned from the site. And without any doubt the posts and comments infringed personal information security persisted.

For the direct and bold attitude against any form of extremism and racism, Arifur Rahman was abhorred by the Islamist bloggers. He is often refered as ‘Nitai Bhattacharjee’ a blogger whose true identity is unknown or sometimes just as, ‘Malu’, a widely used word by the Bangladeshi Muslim, meaning as low as a ‘Hindu’. Banning a preacher of Humanity must be over-joyous for the preachers of hatred and putting his personal life in front of everyone must be the cherry in the cream.

Post Violeted The Rules: See Comment 42


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