Why do I need a God?

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Atheism, Islam
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Being an atheist is not easy and being a declared atheist in an ISLAMIC nation is probably some sort of bravery. These followers of the ‘peaceful’ religion are pretty much loving towards their ‘infidel’ friends. As a gift probably they will throw stone (known as ‘dorrah’) or chop off your hands or so. Yet in the name of ‘Allah’ this is a gift as they are sparing your life even after not believing in the only TRUE God which is ‘Allah’. And ‘Allah’ said the infidels are hated by him (Sura Bakarah, Ayat 1-5), so that statement more or less establishes the ‘Peace’.

Whatever, if I want to write about the act of the followers of the ‘Peaceful’ religion, it will take ages to write-down all the references, and maybe some other millions of references would be needed to be added by that time. So, I am directly going to my point. Why the hell in this world I need a God?

Even after being maltreated by the Society and unfortunately by my own family, yet I declared myself as an atheist. I would not say my act was utterly an act of bravery as, the time I began suspecting the existence of God, I was way too naive to shadow my feelings towards the organised religions and, when I understood the scenario more specific the oppression an atheist need to undergo for being an atheist, everybody just knew I do not give a jack about the religions.

The most common suggestion I got from that of theist friends (unfortunately they cannot call themselves as theist as Islam rejects the idea of friendship between an infidel and a muslim) that, ‘Oh! Poor soul we need a God!’ But my question is why the FUCK I need one?

The problem with the theist souls is that, they want you to believe in something they do. But this is freaking insane. When I was five I believed in Tooth-Fairy, my sister was twelve and she did not, I never tried to make her believe that there is Tooth-fairy. So, why my theist friend at an age range of 20-65 failed to understand such a basic concept that, ‘live with your imagination, do not force it on others’.

Did my life change after I began suspecting and finally rejecting the idea of a fictional guy living in Mars or so and using us like puppets? Nop, it did not. My life was not virgin, it was fucked and remained so.

The theist fellas had some other weird logics, like,
#How can the world just got created out of nothing (big bang theory)
– I am not a science person. I know that the scientists said that, there was nothing and all on a sudden an explosion took place and universe got created accidentally. I must admit it is quite a freaky idea that, exploding something from nothing. Yes, it is freaky. But what is more freaky to me is that, from nothing a super-power, super-natural being came into existence rather than small particles and then gradual development. My idea is simple, every infinity or undefined period of time has a definite beginning or end. May be we are unable to calculate that period of time. So, our big dude is there from an undefined period of time, but what was before that? Nothing? Does not that mean, we are again going back to the scientific theory just replacing a small particles with super powers?

#Why the design of the universe is so perfect?
– Actually that is a fucked up question. Just take a stone which is edgy and rough, roll it continuously for some several years and you will get a perfect round shape smooth stone. The same way the universe is.

#Why it is perfect for the ‘Gods’ creation to live?
– My question is who said that it is perfect. It has scientifically been proved that, there were dinos, and they got extinct, because the world was not PERFECT for them. I suppose they were God’s creation too. Okay! they were dangerous, then what about Dodo! Why did they get extinct too!! Any answer? No! Good!

And I loved the last logic they always gave. ‘Then why it has been said so in the Quran’. Actually this was the only time I ‘wished’ that, there was actually a ‘God’, so that He can spare me from these ludicrous question. In an Islamic country like Bangladesh if you say, Quran is wrong or man-made, trust me, I can get killed in the holy name of peace and ‘Allah’. All you can say, ‘Umm, you know I really don’t think that is a valid form of evidence as historical backgrounds are often questionable.’ Do not utter a single more word. You are then disgracing something. But inside I always felt like saying, ‘Make a freaking time machine, go back 1400 years and ask that pedophile why he wrote like this’? Or just wait a few years let me write a book where I say nope the bearded ‘Allah’ dude is phony and I am the real God, someone have to believe that, because it is written on a book.

The concept of God actually always ridiculed me. We do not need an imaginary friend in this modern world. Yes when human beings were in a primitive society they needed to create one to suppress other people. They created different Gods in their locality from Allah to Ishwar, from Pangu to Jehovah. But those days are over. Wake up. And in any way every theist is almost atheist as if there are 500 religions an atheist disbelief in 500 and a theist in 499. The idea of a single god is as funny as 500 Goods.


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