Raise of antisemitic attitude in Bangladeshi alternative media

Posted: October 10, 2010 in Bangladesh, Islam, Terrorism
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A sudden raise of anti semitic behaviour has been observed in the Bangladeshi Blogs. Though personal blogging is yet to be popular in the country but community blogging has proved to be a strong alternative media for Bangladeshi bloggers. Lack of entertainment and lack of belief in the main media sources has made several blogging sites as important as newspapers and tv channels.

A group of fundamentalist muslims are trying to get benefit from this blooming media by manipulating the view of the general people through numerous number of posts containing severe hatred speech primarily against the USA, Britain and other non-muslim contries and their war against terrorism.

A blog-post in a popular Bangladeshi community blogging site (http://www.sonarbangladesh.com/blog/) was published last night asking everybody to celebrate the murder of the British Relief worker Linda Norgrove by the Talibans. (http://www.sonarbangladesh.com/blog/digital007/9064). The post says, (Translating the whole post in English for the readers)

Four Italian Dog and one British Bitch Died in Afganistan

BBC evening news has confirmed that, a British female relief worker has been killed by the brave Taliban freedom fighters. The American solders made a failed rescue mission as she was killed.

On the other hand, four Italian solders were killed by the Talibans on another operation.

I called them dogs and bitches. But I don’t think it is just to call them so. Because they are much lower than that. May Allah make the holy soil of Afganistan their graveyard.

Everybody should be happy with this news and celebrate. Anybody not, is a ‘MUNAFIQ’.

These fundamentalist islamist are trageting the general mass with Islamic words like ‘MUNAFIQ’, which means against and hated by Allah. The government need to take necessary steps quickly, as it can lead to occurance of much higher importance and devastation in the near future. Hope the government has not forget the ‘Bangla Bhai’ case yet, where ignorance has lead to serial bombing in the whole country.


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