Fundamentalists hits Bangladesh

Posted: October 10, 2010 in Bangladesh, Islam, Terrorism
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The islamic fundamentalists are carrying on their terror attack in Bangladesh even after a valiant effort taken by the present Bangladeshi government. A series of attacks mainly on the temples of Hindus has been performed by the fundamentalists of the country in last few months.

The main religious festival of the Bengali Hindus, Durga Puja, is the prime target of these terrorists. It has been reported that, atleast in three places (Thakurgaon, Magura and Munsigonj) some islamic religious cults attacked temples and vandalised their deity. As in Hindu religion they worship the diety and it takes atleast months to make one, now it is in jeopardize that, whether the local hindus can celebrate their festival or not.

Vandalised Hindu Deity in Magura

In Thakurgaon one Hindu driver named Full Babu (30) has been reported dead due to the brutal attack of the muslims and in Munsigonj the rumor has been spread that, some local powerful goons are trying to get hold over the temple property.



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