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Bangladesh cricket team created history, when they beaten the mighty New Zealand Cricket team by 3 runs. History has been made as this 4-0 win of the 5 ODI series (one abandoned due to bad weather) lead to the first ever white-wash done by Bangladesh against any of the top-level oppositions. Details


Last Saturday a group of Imams and Muazzins burned down three sailed boats and six parked one in the Ashulia, Bangladesh.

Ashulia has been a common dating spot in the Islamic Nation of Bangladesh. As, in a Islamic Nation even holding hand is a form of Sin, free mixing before marriage is not really appreciated. Young lovers use to go to Ashulia to spend some time together. Details

Reports has been received that, one of the most popular Bangladeshi Community Blogging sites ‘‘ is seriously violating the rules regarding disclosure of personal information. Details

Being an atheist is not easy and being a declared atheist in an ISLAMIC nation is probably some sort of bravery. These followers of the ‘peaceful’ religion are pretty much loving towards their ‘infidel’ friends. As a gift probably they will throw stone (known as ‘dorrah’) or chop off your hands or so. Yet in the name of ‘Allah’ this is a gift as they are sparing your life even after not believing in the only TRUE God which is ‘Allah’. And ‘Allah’ said the infidels are hated by him (Sura Bakarah, Ayat 1-5), so that statement more or less establishes the ‘Peace’. Details

Congratualtion to the Bangladesh Cricket Team for their second straight win against the Kiwis. Hope this is just a beginning for the Tigers. Best of Luck to the team and the man of the match Suhrawadi Shuvo.

Man of the Match Shuvo taking another wicket

Detailed News and scorecard:

The islamic fundamentalists are carrying on their terror attack in Bangladesh even after a valiant effort taken by the present Bangladeshi government. A series of attacks mainly on the temples of Hindus has been performed by the fundamentalists of the country in last few months. Details

A sudden raise of anti semitic behaviour has been observed in the Bangladeshi Blogs. Though personal blogging is yet to be popular in the country but community blogging has proved to be a strong alternative media for Bangladeshi bloggers. Lack of entertainment and lack of belief in the main media sources has made several blogging sites as important as newspapers and tv channels. Details